Thérèse et Raymond Loubert before Jubilé Loubert (award certificate in Geneva, 2002)

The Loubert Rose garden is the fruit of over twenty years of dedication for the rose. It has developed over the years to include over 2,500 different roses. It was recognised as a National Collection of rosa in 2002. Its main purpose is to preserve and display species as well as old and rare roses.

The Collection, situated in the scenic Loire Valley, between Angers and Saumur, can be visited on appointment from May to July. It spreads over five acres of landscaped garden. Some of the bushes are over twenty-five years old. The rose garden is about 4 miles from the village of Les Rosiers sur Loire, who could think of a more appropriate location? (another view)

This website mainly consists in a collection of pages showing pictures of some of the roses in the garden. Most of the photographs were taken on the premises and are copyright material. As most rose lovers know, pictures and colours may vary according to soils, seasons, and other factors, therefore you may find roses which don't exactly look like other pictures of the same.

We may have left a few mistakes despite our efforts to eliminate them, and we would be grateful for any suggestions and corrections. For a more accurate description, professionals and connoisseurs will rely on those provided by the numerous books available in bookstores.